Tuesday, 2 August 2016

 Last Saturday I went to see “Kynren, an Epic tale of England.”
It is a spectacular open-air night show that has been on the tongues of Bishop Auckland people for the past year. In fact after such a build up I half wondered if I might be disappointed. I certainly was not. The show was magnificent with a cast of hundreds of local people. 
It covers the history of the area as seen through the eyes of Bishop Hensley Henson.
The backdrop mysteriously changes from Auckland Castle to Durham Cathedral to a disaster in the coal mines and all beyond the setting of a lake that sometimes swirls in mists and at others is clear and bright. Music provides a background and fireworks accentuate the effects.
There are marching armies, battles between the English and the Scots; horses galloping and riders jousting, as well as quiet scenes of rural England with sheep and calves and geese walking quietly beside a group of young people.
 A beautiful boat sails over the water carrying Queen Elizabeth 1st to meet Shakespeare and later Stephenson’s Rocket complete with passengers steams its way across the arena leaving the 7000 strong audience gasping its appreciation. Queen Victoria arrives in an open carriage and the Bishop in a Rolls Royce car.
When the ninety minute show finally came to an end the whole audience rose for a standing ovation.
As we made our way back to the courtesy coach that would take us to the car park we agreed that the organisation had been flawless.
Congratulations to everybody involved.  They deserve it.

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