Thursday, 26 November 2015

  My last novel BRIDGE TO THE MOON has a NEW COVER.
  No change to the story of course.
      Its original cover was a dark one - purple - which seemed   appropriate at the time.          
      The new one is in bright colours with a happy little girl called Marguerita who becomes 
      the focal point of the story.
      I hope you enjoy it.

     Available from Amazon.

Friday, 6 November 2015

The Bishop’s Park was always a favourite place for local people to relax and spend their free time.They left the market place and walked under the clock tower and along the wide drive that was edged with close-cut lawns and beautiful flower beds until they passed the Castle, safely locked behind high metal gates. People stood and stared through those gates and were overawed by this building that had been home to Bishops of Durham for centuries. This was not for ordinary people like them.
The park itself was equally impressive with its magnificent trees, its stone bridge and its wishing gate.  It also had an ancient Deer House that looked down on to the river and the perfect spot for summer picnics. Even the parkland seemed sacred so that there was always a sense of reverence there.
But that has all changed now. The Castle’s gates stand wide open. The bishop’s library is a cafĂ© where visitors enjoy delicious food as they sit next to ceiling-high bookshelves. The public are welcomed to exhibitions and concerts and local people volunteer to help. It is our castle now and very much appreciated.
Last Saturday the park came alive for Hallowe’en when parties of visitors were led through the blackness with the ghostly shapes of the trees stretching their branches round them.      
To add to the frightening atmosphere ten groups of young people emerged from those trees to act out murder scenes, so realistic they made even my blood run cold.                                                                    

In the darkness  young actors tell the tale of local murderess, Mary Anne Cotton.
Ring-a-Ring o' Roses and the Plague.