Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year to all my Blogging friends.

Christmas has come and gone in a very happy way this year; spent mainly with family from toddlers to teens and with their parents and grandparents; even the dogs have been part of the celebrations..
We've had meals together and all the fun of  unwrapping presents; their bright paper transforming the plain carpet into a sea of colour..

But now another year has begun.  My good resolution is that each morning I will continue to write as well as finding some time for reading later in the day.
Recently I've been introduced to novellas, slim books that can be digested in an afternoon - J L Carr's charming tale "A Month in the Country."  "Death in Venice" by Thomas Mann and Ian McEwan's "Chesil Beach." But in contrast I am now attempting to read a doorstop of a novel, "The One Plus One," by Jojo Moyes. With 516 pages I felt completely daunted at first but am now absorbed in its story-line of a single mother struggling to cope against all the odds.

Good luck with your New Year resolutions whatever they may be!