Monday, 9 July 2012

Ten Minute Gardener.

A Scented Rosebud

Giant Clover

Like most people,I enjoy looking at gardens.  But ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you I am not a garden person.  I bought my house because its garden was small, although well-stocked and blessedly hidden from the neighbours’ perfect ones. I know the more ordinary plants

Iceberg Rose
 but I can’t reel off their Latin names. I rarely sit in a garden and I certainly don’t work in one for longer

An Old Standard Rose
 than it takes to mow the lawn or pull out any obvious weeds.  So this morning, when I ventured forth with food for the birds, who must have chicks, judging by the speed at which they’re eating, I was surprised to discover that there were 13 beautiful flowers and bushes – all blossoming amongst the dripping greenery.
Healthy neglect obviously works!

Wedding Day Rose
Orange Blossom
Pink Feathery Flower on Tall Bush.
Peony Rose
The Orange Blossom bush has not flowered       for years so its amazing to see it now.
First Wild Strawberry
  The Peony is beautiful but short-lived.           But of all the flowers in the garden, the white lupins were
the most 

spectacular until a sudden, massive storm  flattened them all. So sad!