Wednesday, 1 November 2017


Of all the places in the UK that I’ve visited, my favourite has to be Shaldon.
That small Devon village is set on the tidal river Teign - pronounced Teen - just as it joins the sea at Teignmouth – which is pronounced Tin, so I was informed by the sunburnt boy who helps to ferry a small boat from one side of the river to the other, as people have been doing for hundreds of years.

Whether the journey is long or short depends on the state of the tide.  But in either case it is always atmospheric; open to the weather and wonderful to be amongst the mass of other small boats that use the river. 
There is no pomp and circumstance.  Simply go down the beach from either side; walk the narrow plank with a helping hand from the boy and choose your seat, then take stock of the characters and the dogs that share the experience with you. Shaldon village consists of wonderful, picturesque houses; some dating as far back as 1620. 
It has a village green where the game of Bowls has been played for centuries; gardens that offer tantalising glimpses of the sea and public house signs like The Ferryboat and The Clipper. 
With a Post Office and a small shop; a primary school and a bus service as well as a Botanical Garden and a small Zoo it must be a very desirable place to live but perhaps we’d need to win the Lottery first.  

Monday, 2 October 2017

I've waited all summer for butterflies to appear in my sunny garden, but even the prolific white blossom on the Buddleia didn't attract them this year.  However, suddenly they have arrived. The blossom has died, very few flowers remain, but the butterflies are here, fluttering and swooping close to the windows and even settling on the warm bricks of the wall by the door.
Other visitors to the garden are the sparrows!
A butterfly hovering on the bricks by the front door.

Regular 2 o'clock meetings - perhaps it's Sparrows' Institute,
similar to Women's Institute.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Happy New Year to my friends across the world.
It is amazing to realise that the first two weeks of January have already come and gone and people are beginning to think ahead to the summer and plan holidays in warmer climates.
But today we have snow!!  Floods are forecast along the east coast and people warned to keep away from the sea-fronts as tides reach their height tonight. Fortunately I am far enough inland not to have that worry but we do have icy paths.
Wherever you are in the world I hope 2017 has started well for you and your weather is better than ours, here in England.