Saturday, 25 July 2015

July 2015

2015 has not been the best of summers.
And yet in spite of the inclement weather or perhaps even because of it
the countryside has been alive with colour - an absolute delight.

  A few weeks ago the lanes and footpaths behind my home were shoulder-high with Cow Parsley (or Old Man’s Tobacco as I knew it when I was a child.) May-blossom brightened the hedges and the fields were carpeted with buttercups.

Further afield it was pink Valerian – and sometimes white as well – that took my breath away.
Obviously the sea air suits it.

Who could resist this public footpath?

And in my garden the Wedding Day rose turns from white to pink as it bends to peep into my high window and climb all round it. Its perfume is delicate and delightful.

Lucky the passengers who rode 
in this air balloon one fine sunny morning in June.