Sunday, 24 May 2015

A May Day by the Sea.

 Saltburn-by-the-Sea is a charming little town on the north-east coast. Its Funicular Tramway is one of the oldest and possibly most famous in England, dating from Victorian times.
On Saturday with the sun tempting me away from all the chores in the garden I
jumped on a train and spent a glorious day on the firm sandy beach that stretches for miles.
I walked briskly by the water's edge, my collar turned up against the cool breeze blowing straight from the sea. Donkeys waited patiently for small children while a dozen riding-school ponies cantered past me through the shallowest waves.

The ponies return at a  more leisurely pace.
As the tide turned the breeze dropped and the temperature rose.                                                              Families appeared.  Castles were dug, kites flown and a general                                                              feeling of enjoyment spread round the beach.

The Pier is Victorian too.

Eventually it was time to leave and I gladly headed for the Tram and the swift ride to the top of the cliff. I admired the beautiful stained glass windows as we went . Before the Tram reached the promenade I stood and looked back at the beach. With the sun shining it must surely be one of the most beautiful places on this coast.

As One Goes Up the Other Comes Down.
I am told on good authority that this is due to a Victorian water counterbalance system
which is very unusual and shows the Tram's age. 

Goodbye Saltburn.