Friday, 22 April 2016

Cactus in all shapes and sizes.
A bank of Lilies.
Yesterday I visited Harrogate Flower Show. The weather was perfect - hot and sunny and the crowds appreciated it as they bought bulbs and plants, bushes and even bedspreads.
The whole atmosphere was friendly especially in the afternoon when many people took a welcome break to sit down and listen to music from a tent in the centre of the show-field.

Faces of a different kind.

In very different weather, two weeks ago on a damp and blustery day my daughter took me on a nostalgic visit to Seaham. When I knew it, years ago, it was Seaham Harbour with three huge pit wheels turning continuously on the sea front while ships carried coal or timber in and out of the harbour. Now that harbour is empty and houses have replaced the pit wheels.

The empty harbour

However there are three new statues on the seafront that are eye-catching and unusual. They commemorate the history of this small mining town over the last two hundred years.

This Wooden Statue of Lord Byron and his Bride.
One of the quotations on Lord Byron's statue

This very popular statue of "Tommy" is a reminder
of the Seaham men who fought and maybe died in  WW1

And this Realistic Metal Statue represents three Miners
ready to go below ground and probably miles out under the North Sea
 to hew coal in their Next Shift.
The Plaque below the Miners' statue.

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