Friday, 18 March 2016

The Albert Dock . In the distance the Liver Birds
are high above
the City.
Last week I spent three days exploring Liverpool with a coach-load of U3A friends. (Some of you might be familiar with this great organisation)

Ride the escalator to the top floors of the City Library

Climb the 60 steps to the Catholic Cathedral to admire
the fantastic blue and red stained glass windows.
Go down to the Crypt and be amazed by the space and the architecture there.

Admire the paintings at the Walker Gallery.

Order tea in jars at the Maritime Museum.
I loved the city with its Museums and Art Galleries and its two Cathedrals as well as the Albert Dock.
I also discovered the City Library quite by chance.
Now I understand why Liverpool became City of Culture.

Board the Ferry to cross the Mersey watched by
Liverpool's famous Beatles.