Wednesday, 12 November 2014

We Will Remember Them.

In the last few months crowds of visitors have flocked to the Tower of London to stare at nearly 900,000 poppies that represent lives lost in the 1914-18 War;  a very visual way of showing exactly what that war cost our country and the lasting effect it had on those who survived.
However, yesterday I heard of something that was even more touching.
During that war, in the peaceful village of Wolsingham, in Weardale, Grammar school staff planted six Oak trees round their playing field to represent the six boys who had died. When the war was over they needed twelve more. Now there are 59 Oaks – some of them still saplings – as local boys give their lives to their country; even as recently as the war in Afghanistan.
There has never been great publicity; crowds have not flocked to Wolsingham  to stare. Only those solid trees offer a lasting reminder of the country-boys who went to war and did not come back.
A memorial service with a two-minute silence is held each year within the school.